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Just For Laugh "L'Autre Gala"

We were trilled when Arturo asked us to recreate the Ralph Adams' classic dancing handkerchiefs act where a borrowed scarf from a gentlemen in the audience comes to life and start to dance around the stage and attacks the magician.   As a clin d'oeil to Mr Copperfield's famous act, Arturo chose to borrow a tie from the spectator.  We took a week to prepare the choreography with the two stage managers Michel and Annie before getting Arturo on the floor. And because we know Arturo, we made sure that "the" moment with Mr Tie & Mme Tie together in the bottle was as hot and suggestive as possible.  Arturo surely pushed the envelope with many funny and original moments like when the tie tries to kiss him and the gay sequence with a bunch of pink, polka dot and S&M ties.  And our favorite: a bunch of baby bow ties emerging from the bottle at the end. With this act, Arturo proved that magic is not a collection of junky gadgets but a real "analog" theatre experience: the performers are the ones making the objects come to life.  That Gala was such an exciting adventure with a AAA design team (set by Michel Crête, costumes by Mireille Vachon, props by Alain Jenkins) and an amazing cast of performers like Ursula and few others from the cabaret La Clique, Soma marionettes or the crazy Otto Wessely. 

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